The Weather Reach Server communicates with the weather stations to collect weather data. The Weather Reach Server supports several communication methods:
  • Network - A Network Link allos communication over a local area network or a dedicated Internet connection via TCP/IP. This 10baseT Ethernet interface requires a static IP address. Please request assignment of static IP addresses from your network administrator prior to purchase.

  • Standard Phone (ET107) - A modem enables communication over a standard public telephone network. The Weather Reach Server initiates communication by calling the weather station's dedicated phone number.

  • Direct Connect (ET107) - A short-haul modem enables communication directly between the PC and a weather station.

  • Wireless (Turf Weather) - Telemetry radios enable wireless data communication. The weather station radio transmits data to a radio connected toa base station computer up to 0.5 miles away.

  • Cellular IP - A cellular modem enables communication via the Internet. AirLink Raven digital cellular modems operate on the Verizon Wireless CDMA or AT&T GPRS networks to provide IP (Internet Protocol) addressable Internet access to the weather station.

  • Spread Spectrum - Enables wireless point-to-point communications between the Weather Station and PC. A 100 mW spread spectrum radio/modem does not require a user assigned FCC license. It operates in the 910 to 918 MHz frequency range. Transmissions coverage is within one mile.