What are people saying about Weather Reach?

"Weather Reach has saved us a lot of water and so much time. It really cuts your man hours making us more effective and better managers. It keeps everything looking better because it adjusts automatically like scheduling with Mother Nature. This system is the way to go. You won't burn any spots. You won't have to worry about over-watering and you will have deeper roots in your landscape. Weather Reach is great."

                                                                     Dave Jordan
                                                                     Washington City, Utah

"Our community, Camden Midtown, has realized the most dramatic savings during the last 120 days, enough to completely pay for the Weather Reach System itself."

                                                                     Michael T. Binns
                                                                     Houston, Texas

"The funny thing about all of this is that I am a gadget guy! We (I) bought this for its gadget likeness. This is the first gadget that I have purchased that actually saves us money and paid for itself. If your sprinkler systems doesn't have a Weather Reach attached to it this season, it better next!"

                                                                     Scott & Christine Cohen
                                                                     Amesbury, Massachusetts

"This is to let you know of my satisfaction with the Weather Reach System you installed at my home this year. Thus far the system has reduced water usage by exactly 50% from the same period last year, and my lawn looks as good, if not better than ever."

                                                                     Frank Rubino
                                                                     Beverly, Massachusetts

"Over the last few years, our summer water bill has been 6.5 times our winter bill. The reason for that was we had been watering our lawn every other day regardless of the weather conditions. Our sprinkler system has seven zones and we averaged 35 minutes of watering per zone. So here is the math, 3.5 hours of water at 12 GPM is 720 GPH or 2520 gallons per watering.

This time last year, we had watered our lawn 40-50 times. With Weather Reach attached, this year our system has only watered our lawn 7-10 times. You can do the rest of the math. You might say that last year was a hotter year, right! And that our lawn needed more water than it did this year. This is true, however, we would have still utilized our automatic system which is would have been set to an every other day mode and would have been one of those homes that every one of us sees with the sprinklers system on during a rain storm."

                                                                     Scott and Christine Cohen
                                                                     Amesbury, Massachusetts

"My yard has never looked better."

                                                                     Stan Hartmark
                                                                     North Salt Lake City, Utah

"It works great. The installation was simple. I really see an advantage. It has been up for three months now and I see an advantage in the water bill. I like the product."

                                                                     Mike Valentine
                                                                     Las Vegas, Nevada