Weather Reach Activation Software

A Weather Reach Receiver has a built-in pager that receives data on the Motorola® Flex paging network. The Weather Reach Receiver Activation Software is used to program a Weather Reach Receiver to the frequency and paging CAP code used by the Weather Reach Signal Provider. The software can also be used to program in specific needs of the landscape.

A Weather Reach Signal Provider provides a configuration file containing the paging CAP code and frequency. This file also contains information about the weather stations included in the Weather Reach Signal Providers network. This file is loaded in and used by the Activation software.

The Weather Reach Activation Software operates on a PC with the Windows® operating system. A PC interface programming cable and power supply are included with the software.

Ordering information:
Part Number: WR-7AK
Description: WR-7 Activation Kit