Weather Reach Accessories

There are several accessories that may be needed when installing a Weather Reach Receiver.

Activation Software Kit - Weather Reach Receivers must be programmed to the correct radio frequency and paging codes. This kit is used by: Distributors, Dealers, Weather Reach Signal Providers, Contractors or End Users.

Rain Gauge - An on-site rain gauge will provide the most accurate rainfall data to a Weather Reach Receiver.

Outdoor Enclosure - The Weather Reach Receiver needs a protected enclosure when installing outdoors.

External Antenna - Weather Reach Receivers come with an internal antenna. There may be some locations where an external antenna is needed to receive the Weather Reach signal.

Power Supply - The Weather Reach Receiver comes with a pigtail that is used to connect to a 24VAC power source that is typically available in a controller. A separate power supply is available.