Weather Reach Water Scheduling FAQ's

When should I water my landscape and how long?

The Weather Reach Water Management System will automatically water your landscape for you. Your landscapes need for water is determined by the amount of evaporation that occurs. The weather drives how quickly moisture will evaporate from your soil. Your sprinklers should be set to apply enough water to replace the water lost from evaporation. Sprinklers apply water at different rates. Application rates need to be determined to set the amount of time needed to apply enough water to refill the plant root zone.

Watering schedules take into account the sprinkler systems capacity to apply water and the amount of water needed by the plants. The Irrisoft InSite Irrigation Scheduling program can be used to build a watering schedule.

The duration of watering in each station is site specific. It is determined by the soil type at the site, the type of vegetation at the site, and the type of sprinkler system being used. More information can be accessed from Irrisoft's Landscape Water Management Manual.

Weather Reach Receivers that are connected directly into your sprinkler controller determine when watering is needed.

Does it matter what time of day I water my lawn?

By watering at night or early morning you avoid the heat of the day. Sunshine, wind and higher temperatures may cause some of the water coming from the sprinklers to evaporate before soaking into to roots.

Can I get tips on how to create a sprinkler schedule for my site?

InSite Irrigation Scheduling software by Irrisoft will enable you to create sprinkler schedules according to your specific landscape. This software provides you with many watering tips, even a Landscape Water Management guide. You will not need a Weather Reach Receiver to implement the watering schedule. Download your free copy of InSite.