Weather Reach Installation FAQ's

How do I install a Weather Reach Receiver?

See the Weather Reach Receivers Users Guide. See Chapter 3, page 11, Installation. If you are having problems installing the Weather Reach Receiver and cannot find a solution in the Users Guide, please contact our customer service manager, Susan Robison, at or at (435)755-0400.

Does the Weather Reach Receiver need to be installed in an enclosure?

The Weather Reach Receiver is not weather resistant. It is best to install the Weather Reach Receiver indoors or in a protective enclosure. An optional enclosure designed for the WR-7 is available (model WR-OE). Please see diagram with Receiver installed in enclosure.

Where is the best place to mount the rain gauge?

Open areas are best in mounting the rain gauge, such as roof tops.

Can I use a rain shut-off device instead of a tipping bucket rain gauge with my Weather Reach Receiver?

No, a typical rain shut-off device does not measure the amount of rain that fell. It only senses that a given amount of rain fell and turns off the sprinklers.

Weather Reach calculates the irrigation requirement using measured rain and an ET measurement.

Do I need to put a sensor in the ground?

No. The Weather Reach Receiver system does not utilize ground sensors. Real-time weather data is sent to the Weather Reach Receiver from a local weather station. A Weather Reach Receiver can use an onsite rain gauge for more accurate rainfall measurements.