Weather Reach Activation FAQ's

What is activation?

A Weather Reach Receiver has a built-in pager that receives weather data on the Motorola® Flex® paging network sent by a Weather Reach Signal Provider. Weather Reach Receivers must be programmed to the frequency and paging CAP code used by the Weather Reach Signal Provider. The Weather Reach Receiver Activation Software is used to program a Weather Reach Receiver.

Each Weather Reach Receiver must also be programmed to meet the specific needs of the irrigation system where it will be installed. As a service to the receiver's owner the programmable settings can be programmed as part of the activation process.

Who activates the Weather Reach Receiver?

Irrisoft, Authorized Weather Reach Distributors, Weather Reach Signal Providers, or contractors with the Activation software are able to activate the receiver. If it has not been activated, please call your distributor or Irrisoft.