What sets Quik-Irr apart from other estimating programs?

Quik-Irr Estimating Software is uniquely suited for Landscape and Irrigation Professionals. The Quik-Irr Irrigation Wizard simplifies irrigation system estimating. Custom Wizards may be created for landscape or other work. Wizards assure complete and accurate material, labor, and equipment quantities and costs.

How can Quik-Irr help with irrigation estimates?

The Irrigation Wizard includes thousands of products in over 100 easily indexed Wizard Screens. The Wizard prompts you to enter the needed sprinkler heads, valves, pipe, wire, controllers, fittings, connection components and other items needed for the job. There is a separate screen for each type of component showing the available models, sizes, and options. The Wizard adds the right materials, labor and equipment for a project.

How can Quik-Irr help with landscape estimates?

Quik-Irr is designed for both irrigation and landscape professionals. It accesses both irrigation and landscape databases to help you build a complete and accurate bid. Like the irrigation database, a custom landscape database can be created or imported from a supplier. Custom Wizard Screens may be created for landscape materials, lighting, or any other Products..

Where do material costs come from?

Material costs can be imported into Quik-Irr from a spreadsheet, entered manually, or provided by a supplier. A compatible supplier database loads into the program the fastest and will have your cost.

How are installation costs estimated?

Time estimates are based on material quantities and user-defined production rates. Installation costs are calculated from time estimates and labor and equipment costs.

What type of training and help is available for Quik-Irr?

Three types of LIVE HELP and training are available from Irrisoft during normal business hours (M-F 8am - 5pm MST). These include:
  • Live Chat - Look for the Live Help link
  • Telephone (435) 755-0400
  • Scheduled E-Meeting - Look for Request a Demonstration link
Other contact Methods:
  • Email kcarpenter@irrisoft.net