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For Immediate Release July 16, 2004

Irrisoft Announces Launch of
WR-7 Weather Reach Receiver, Version 2

– Irrisoft Inc., a Campbell Scientific company, announces the release of a new, improved version of the model WR-7 Weather Reach Receiver.

“Irrisoft is committed to being responsive to the needs of our customers.” said Steven Moore, President of Irrisoft. “The improvements to the product have come as a result of feedback from our customers.”

The Weather Reach Water Management System automates commercial and residential sprinkler scheduling using real-time weather conditions. The WR7 Weather Reach Receiver adapts to virtually any controller so the landscape is watered right.

The WR-7 Weather Reach Receiver, version 2, offers easier access to the information you want with new dynamic menus. Improved data processing reliability and password protection to protect from unwanted program changes give better control of irrigation with greater programming flexibility. In addition to weather based control, the user can also manage non-ET based irrigation schedules. Weather Reach is looking out for the community too with a new broadcast interrupt. A service provider can stop irrigation to divert water resources where they are needed in the event of an emergency.

Weather Reach is part of a new breed of irrigation controllers using current weather conditions to determine watering needs for a landscape. Weather Reach Receivers use real-time, hourly weather data, to determine how much water is needed and when to water your landscape. Weather Reach has saved consumers 20 – 50% on their water use. In some cases, millions of gallons of water have been saved during a single season. That translates into big money savings for consumers and water conservation for the community.

Many local water authorities now offer an incentive to upgrade to a new "smart" controller in the form of a rebate. Check with your local authority for details.


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