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For Immediate Release November, 2006


GLENDORA, Calif. (November, 2006) - Rain Bird® Corporation is pleased to announce its new ET ManagerTM has earned test results of 100 percent for Irrigation Adequacy and 0 percent for Irrigation Excess in testing under the Irrigation Association's Smart Water Application TechnologiesTM SWAT initiative. SWAT is a national program that identifies, researches and promotes technological innovations and related management practices that advance the principles of efficient water use.

The Rain Bird® ET Manager uses real-time weather conditions to convert virtually any irrigation controller into a weather-smart one, allowing irrigation according to accurate, real-time weather data, ensuring that landscapes are kept at an optimum moisture balance. The ET Manager features hourly (not just daily) wireless updates from local precision weather stations and uses the Irrigation Association-endorsed American Society of Civil Engineers' (ASCE) standardized evapotranspiration (ET) equation, which factors solar radiation, temperature, wind and humidity data to accurately calculate ET. Based on this hourly ET calculation, the ET Manager allows the controller to irrigate precise amounts of water only when the soil moisture balance reaches user-set levels.

In earning 100 percent Irrigation Adequacy and 0 percent Irrigation Excess in testing, the ET Manager demonstrated that it meets plant water needs while avoiding runoff and does not exceed root zone storage capacities. Rain Bird's ET Manager also has the distinction of carrying the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) mark, designating it as a product that has met the rigorous safety requirements set by this internationally recognized organization. To view the ET Manager's SWAT Performance Summary and Technical Report, please visit

"These test results are further proof of the benefits the ET Manager offers irrigation professionals in their efforts to use water wisely," said Susan Basch, senior product manager for Rain Bird's commercial division. "Rain Bird is pleased to support the SWAT goal of promoting landscape water use efficiency through the application of state-of-the-art irrigation technologies."

Rain Bird is proud to present its ET Manager as an example of the types of products that typify Rain Bird's Intelligent Use of WaterTM philosophy. With its rich history of manufacturing products that promote water conservation, Rain Bird is pleased to offer the ET Manager and its numerous other "smart irrigation" products that help conserve water resources through efficient water use.

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