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For Immediate Release August 31, 2004

Irrisoft Enhances Customer Service!

LOGAN, UT – Irrisoft Inc., a provider of smart irrigation control, today announced the enhancement of its customer services division. Susan Robison has joined the company as the Customer Services Manager.

Robison most recently worked with the Utah Division of Water Resources in Salt Lake City, Utah in which she audited the irrigation use at 16 of the 42 Utah State Parks as a measure to implement the Governor’s Executive Order for state institutions to use water efficiently.

“I am excited to be a part of Irrisoft,” Robison said. “Irrisoft is a great company with great products and I look forward to enhancing our customer service.”

“Irrisoft is committed to being responsive to the needs of our customers.” said Steven Moore, President of Irrisoft. “Susan will be a great strength to our team.” Irrisoft manufactures, Weather Reach, a weather-based soil moisture controller.

Weather Reach uses real-time weather information to provide a landscape only the water it needs when it needs it. And it works with virtually any existing controller.

The concept for Weather Reach has been used by professional golf courses, theme parks and parks departments around the country for more than 20 years. Weather Reach receives accurate, up to date weather information from regional weather stations every hour. That information is then used to determine when irrigation is needed for your landscape.


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