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For Immediate Release December 20, 2004

Rain Master Uses Weather Reach Technology in Advanced Controllers

–Rain Master and Irrisoft Inc. announce the use of the Weather Reach Water Management System as a source of ET (Evapotranspiration) for Rain Master Eagle controllers and Rain Master Evolution Central Control Systems.

Rain Master is the innovative leader in the design and manufacture of irrigation control systems. Now Rain Master customers can utilize Irrisoft’s Weather Reach System to provide ET for their Eagle and Evolution controllers. By utilizing ET to manage their irrigation customers will reduce water usage, save time and money, and improve the efficiency of their irrigation system.

"We are pleased to offer interoperability with the Irrisoft Weather Reach Water Management System as a proven ET solution and source for our controllers." said Keith O’Neill, head of marketing for Rain Master.

The Rain Master Eagle and Evolution controllers when linked with the Weather Reach receiver allows for truly automatic schedule adjustments based on current weather conditions to assure landscapes receive the right amount of water. With automatic schedule adjustments you no longer need to worry about manually adjusting your system as the weather changes. These true water management features make the Rain Master Eagle and Evolution the smart choice for any water manager.

"We are committed to our development efforts, making our systems simpler to learn and operate, while more capable and cost effective." said O’Neill.

Rain Master controllers are being used on world-class sports arenas. At such venues it is essential that turf grass and flowers receive the right amount of water. Rain Master selected Weather Reach for its innovative approach to weather-based irrigation to help their company maintain this high standard of control.

Irrisoft and Campbell Scientific teamed up to develop the Weather Reach Water Management System to make weather-based control affordable and available to many. The use of Weather Reach by Rain Master compliments each company’s mission to provide innovative ways using technology to improve water management in the irrigation industry.

The Weather Reach Water Management System uses Campbell Scientific weather stations to provide sprinkler controller systems with hourly updates of current weather conditions. Campbell Scientific is known for its high accuracy, ensuring Weather Reach is precise and dependable. The Weather Reach Receiver outputs a pulse, read by Rain Master controllers, for each .01 inches of ET. The result is real-time ET delivered to the controller to improve water savings and the health of a landscape.

"I love technology," said Steven Moore, President of Irrisoft Inc. "Technology can improve landscape water management to give us beautiful landscapes and preserve our precious water resource."

Water conservation is a growing issue across the country. An estimated 50 percent of water use is used on landscape. Water managers are constantly looking for ways to efficiently control landscape sprinkler systems and use water resources more wisely. Rain Master and Irrisoft have accomplished irrigation efficiency by linking the Eagle and Evolution controllers with the Weather Reach Water Management System. Advanced control with accurate results.

About Rain Master

Rain Master is a technology based, innovative and environmentally sensitive company dedicated to providing water management solutions to the irrigation industry. Since 1981, product focus at Rain Master has been devoted to the design and development of state-of-the-art electronics, software, and communications technologies as they relate to irrigation controllers, handheld remote controls, and central computerized control systems for the landscape irrigation markets.

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About Irrisoft, Inc.

Irrisoft serves the landscape industry by bringing innovative ways to use technology to simplify and improve water management. Irrisoft is passionate about protecting the natural and landscape environment; landscapes should be healthy and beautiful while respecting vital water resources. Irrisoft is committed to providing quality products together with the training and support essential to applying the technology.

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