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For Immediate Release January 9, 2010

Quik-Irr Version 6.0 Helps Contractors
Bid Profitably in a Challenging Economy

Logan, UT - Irrisoft, Inc. introduces Quik-Irr Estimating Software Version 6.0.

"The irrigation industry is currently undergoing the biggest decline in business activity in over 25 years." Jeff Carowitz, Consultant, Strategic Force Marketing. In these economic conditions accurate bidding is essential to success.

Quik-Irr 6 is used to determine your break-even point quickly and accurately. Quik-Irr provides a break down of all the costs associated with the job including materials, labor, equipment, and overhead and also calculates a time estimate to complete each task of the job.

With Quik-Irr's integration of labor and equipment costs, productivity rates, overhead per hour recovery budget, and materials costs, along with its intuitive user interface, you can quickly and easily create bids using the most accurate and reliable methods.

Materials lists can be easily created using the powerful Quik-Irr Wizards, which include tools to automatically estimate the number of valves, all the lateral line needed, all the lateral fittings, and even the number of heads needed in a given area.

Materials lists can also be imported using a new feature called Quote Paste, which allows you to easily paste a materials list provided by your supplier or design software. With the materials list imported, you can determine the labor, equipment, and overhead costs, along with a time estimate for completion of each task, in minutes.

Quik-Irr 6.0 is simple to use, highly accurate, and helps make sure you are profitable on every job.


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