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For Immediate Release June, 2006


GLENDORA, Calif. (June, 2006) - Harnessing the power of local precision weather stations, wireless technology, and accurate schedule software, Rain Bird® Corporation's new ET ManagerTM uses real-time weather conditions to ensure that landscapes are kept at an optimum moisture balance. With unmatched accuracy and simple installation, Rain Bird's ET Manager is a cost-effective solution that offers users significant water savings, deeper root systems, and a healthier landscape.

The ET Manager works with virtually any irrigation controller and irrigation configuration. From the smallest residential yard to the largest commercial application, the ET Manager converts a conventional irrigation system into a weather-smart one that adjusts itself according to accurate real-time weather data

Rather than relying on a time-based scheduling system, the ET Manager uses current weather conditions to calculate the evapotranspiration (ET) rate and allows the controller to irrigate precise amounts of water only when the soil moisture balance reaches user-set levels. ET is the amount of water lost from the soil (evaporation) plus plant water loss (transpiration).

Using the Irrigation Association-endorsed American Society of Civil Engineers' (ASCE) standardized ET equation, the ET Manager is the most accurate product of its kind, featuring hourly (not just daily) wireless updates from local precision weather stations. This formula includes data from all required climatic variables, including solar radiation, temperature, wind and humidity, to accurately calculate ET.

Because best horticultural practices recommend deep, less-frequent watering for healthy landscapes, the ET Manager allows the controller to water only when the landscape needs it. "Managed Allowed Depletion" lets the soil's moisture balance reach a user-set moisture level that encourages increased oxygen levels and promotes deeper, healthier root systems.

"With its real-time, precise ET data, the ET Manager assures turf professionals their landscapes are getting the exact amount of water they need to maintain optimum turf health," said Kraig Wilson, Associate Product Manager for Rain Bird's Commercial Division. "This technology ensures maximum water savings and is another example of promoting Rain Bird's Intelligent Use of Water philosophy."

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