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For Immediate Release July 06, 2004

Can Technology Save Water and Help the Drought?
Smart Control Technology Leads the Way

LOGAN, UT - Water is a precious resource. Many officials are concerned this resource is being wasted. Automatic sprinkler systems are getting the blame. Now, a new generation of controls has emerged changing how many look at irrigation and conservation.

"Smart Control Systems" are improving landscapes and at the same time conserving water and saving money. Unlike automatic systems, a "smart control system" actually waters your yard based on current weather conditions, not a timer that is often set then forgotten.

Irrisoft, a Utah company, has developed a product that controls automatic sprinkler systems using real-time weather data to significantly reduce water use and save consumers money while producing a healthier landscape.

Weather Reach is part of this new breed of irrigation controllers using current weather conditions to determine watering needs for a landscape. This new "smart control technology" is being spurred on by drought conditions found across much of the United States.

"Smart control technology saves water," said Steven Moore, President of Irrisoft Inc. "it operates automatically based on the weather conditions and conserves water beyond any current crisis or drought."

Local Water Authorities now offer an incentive to upgrade to a new "smart" controller. Through the irrigation clock rebate program, if a customer replaces an existing qualifying clock with a new qualifying smart controller, they can receive up to half the price of the clock. You must first qualify for the rebate.

The concept for smart control is simple. Smart control systems, like Weather Reach, receive information from regional weather stations every hour with accurate, up to date weather information. That information is then used to determine when irrigation is needed.

Smart control systems look at five key factors to determine what the water needs of the landscape are. Solar energy, temperature, wind, humidity and rainfall determine a landscapes water needs. The amount of water lost from the soil as a result of evaporation minus the effective rainfall determines when and how much water will be needed. The soil in a landscape is like a reservoir. When that reservoir is depleted to an allowable level, irrigation is needed. By using real-time weather data, smart controllers can determine when it is time to refill the reservoir.

Smart controllers have saved from 20 - 50% water usage. In some cases, millions of gallons of water have been saved during a single season. That translates into big money savings for consumers and water conservation for the community.


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