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For Immediate Release August 31, 2004

Weather Reach Exceeds Expectations

LOGAN, UT – Smart Water Application Technology saves money and conserves water for town home community. Weather Reach, a weather-based irrigation schedule controller, saves more than $7,000 in just 2 months for Balmoral Town Homes. Who is in control of your irrigation? For Bart Bennion of Bennion Landscape & Maintenance Inc. the choice was easy. Weather Reach!

Tucked away in the Salt Lake Valley, Balmoral Town Homes is a peaceful, family oriented community. With water bills rising and despite regularly adjusting the system, Bennion found it difficult to provide enough water to keep the lawn lush without creating swampy areas at the bottom of steep slopes which were becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

“Weather Reach has helped me keep the lawn green and cut the water bill significantly.” said Bennion “and it has decreased the standing water problem we had last year.”

Weather Reach uses real-time weather information to provide a landscape only the water it needs when it needs it. And it works with virtually any existing controller. The concept for Weather Reach has been used by professional golf courses and parks departments around the country for more than 20 years. Weather Reach receives accurate, up to date weather information from regional weather stations every hour. That information is then used to determine when irrigation is needed.

Weather Reach customers experience 20 – 50% water savings. Weather Reach in control!


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