Quik-Price Update Notes





4.05 December 2, 2004 Fix Could not print over 500 items on a material list.
4.04 March 12, 2004 Fix Floating point error when printing fixed
2.03 March 12, 2002 Fix Search Tree did not always display all items within the selected branch
    New Searches now remain visible until they are closed
    New Better error checking on Loading a database
    New Supplier Info Screen - Updated to show database file name
2.02 February 4, 2004 Fix Sell / Cost / GP Buttons did not work properly after moving headers.
    Fix Undo after running Price Markup did not work.
    Fix On Sell Price Markup - Close was not working properly.
    Fix Opening a blank project caused an error.
    Fix Sell Price on printouts was always showing cost.
    Fix Quik-Word Form Editor Size Adjustments.
    Fix Current position on the project grid is now yellow.
    Fix Export Script - Total w/Tax Sell Field.
    Fix New form - Sell with List Single Line Printout.
    Fix Minor Registration Updates.
    Fix Help Drop down on Quik-Word.
    Fix Email / Web Display problem if not included with supplier database.
2.01 December 12, 2001 Fix Searches could be minimized - making it difficult to re-open them.
    Fix Speed Improvements to the Search Tree.
    Fix Speed Improvements to the Category Search.