Quik-Price Builder Update Notes





3.05 February 1, 2004 New Utility to show products not linked to the tree
    Update Updated Wizard Items for Quik-Irr Version 4
3.04 February 1, 2002 Update Registration Process Update
    Fix Quik-Order changes: Opening a blank project caused an error, Sell/Cos/GP Buttons did not work properly after moving headers. Undo after running price markup did not work in Orders or in a project
    Fix Import prices caused an invalid table name error if the table contained certain characters
    Fix Error when importing into a new database on the first time the program is run
    New Wizard Match - Probable Match
    Update Update to Irrisoft Sample Database
    Update New products added to the Wizard - Wilkins, Dura Manifold system
3.03 January 8, 2002 New Wizard Match Skip Category Button
    New Wizard Match Find
3.02 January 2, 2002 Fix Wizard Match - when matching an item with the products filtered, the item in some cases was not matched properly
    Update Help file included in the update
    Update Irrisoft sample database updates
3.01 December 13, 2001 Fix

Import - too many warnings

    Fix An empty tree was not saved
    Fix SQL ODBC import failed if record count returned was -1
    Fix Create Load Files - Cancel did not work
    Fix Categories with " ' " character did not work
    Update Revised searches and sample database