Quik-Irr Version 4 Update Notes





4.16 April 16, 2007 Fix Purchase Orders: Modifying the quantity did not change the total.
4.15 February 23, 2007 Fix Fixed the bug for the Windows Vista operating system
4.14 January 20, 2006 Fix Labor was not working on a few Wizard Screens
4.13 July 15, 2005 Fix Insert Field button did not work on export script setup
4.12 June 6, 2005 Fix Lateral Line Pipe Estimator - Distance from valve to first tee calculation was not working properly
4.11 December 20, 2004 Fix Cut and paste did not get sufficient information to run area summary
4.07 July 19, 2004 Fix Fixed sorting order on search screens
    Fix Fixed MP3000 Screen
4.06 June 30, 2004 New Added MP3000 Rotors
4.05 April 28, 2004 Fix Custom Wizards were not always saved
  Fix Custom Wizards did not always add items to a project
    Fix After changing the Custom Database the Category Search is refreshed
    Fix Rain Bird 5000 Plus Rotor - Square Foot Head Estimator Fix